Scaffold tower erected on newly built house at the Persimmon Homes development site
Housing Development

Persimmon Homes

J Gunn Scaffolding - working in partnership Persimmon Homes


J Gunn Scaffolding have been working in Partnership with Persimmon Homes for over 10 years.

We were asked to provide Safe Access and Egress to various sites within the North East area within the UK. This was due to the high demand of new building work to create new homes to accommodate the growing population within the UK.

We have had great success working in Partnership with Persimmon Homes by having the consistency of work that Persimmon Homes generate in the North East area.

Persimmon PLC operates as a holding company of the Persimmon Group of companies. It engages in building, designing, and construction of new homes. The company was founded by Duncan Henry Davidson in 1972 and is headquartered in Fulford, the United Kingdom.

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Persimmon Homes

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