Front entrance to Leeds Train Station
Network Rail

Leeds Train Station

J Gunn Scaffolding - working in partnership with Colt Construction/NWR.


J Gunn Scaffolding have been working in Partnership with Colt construction/NWR for over 5 years. We were asked to provide Safe Access and Egress to various sites within the UK. This was due to the high demand of Network Rail doing various construction, maintenance and refurbishments on Train Stations, Signal Boxes etc.

We have had great success working in Partnership with Colt Construction/NWR by having the consistency of work within the UK.

J Gunn Scaffolding were asked to provide a Safe Roof Access and Dance Floor for the old roof that would need to be removed whilst allowing the constant flow of passengers through the Train Station. A site visit was set up between Colt Construction, Network Rail, J Gunn Scaffolding (JGS) and RV Engineering (RVE) to understand the complexity of the scaffolding build as the scaffolding would have to be designed because Leeds Train Station is build up on arch ways under the station floor. RV Engineering  a specialised Design company had the task of working our all the calculations of loading that needed to be spread across arch ways under the train Station.

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“ Significant, complex temporary works structure contracted to J Gunn Scaffolding, Providing high quality Design, Installation and Maintenance package. Executed to programme, within budget by trained, competent and professional staff. ”


Network Rail

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